Hartt works at Pyynpää school and arranges Dance n’Paint workshop at Lappi community hall on Fri 24nd Jan at 5–7 pm. Registrations by 22nd…
Movie theater Iso-Hannu. Director Mohammad AbdulAziz, editing Somar Jbawi, 2015 (135 min.) English subtitles, language Arabic. Free…
Artist Talk at Job Seekers Lokki-house on 9th Dec at 4 pm and at renovation center Tammela at 6 pm. A Texas photographer has worked on night…
The Lighthouse Journal is an exploration of a small Arctic island in poetry and prose that stems from time spent working on Litløy Fyr as…
A lecture how traditional architecture has always been bonded to local traditions, resources, needs and climate and it’s a very important…
At Sammallahdenmäki World Heritage site, you will receive instructions and a paper to fold origami flowers and 15.–18.8. see an installation…
A dance performance at the Rauma Art Museum yard on Sat 27th July at 1.00-1.30 pm. Turnups on the Black Lace Night. During June Nieminen…

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Residency artists (updated 27.10.19)


November–December: Somar Jbawi (SY), film

November–December: Thomas Cummins (US), photography


January: Rauha Hartt (FI), dance, painting.

February: Anniina Tammi and Tiina Kokkonen (FI), performance, body painting.

February–April: Lelia Byron (US/UK), visual arts.

March–April: Orianna Musica (CO), singing, piano.

April–June: Ivana Blanco Gross (AR/US), paiting.

July: Tarmo Thorström (FI/RU), lace.

September–October: Mary Ann Loo (SG), painting, murals.

November–December: Marlise Keith (ZA), visual arts, collages.

You may inquire for available moths.

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