A community art project representing the journey of fast fashion, consists of handmade rya rugs, utilizing disposed pieces of fabric. For…
Show and workshops with Aulls, Hartt, Susanna Autio, Luis Cascante and Katariina Mannio at the Viherkäine Garden Centre 14.1–14.2. Humid…
Forssén and Mäki are writing a new play called Mikä Päivä! (What a Day!). The play is about a very failed summerday. The characters in the…
The dance solo has been inspired by old Finnish dance music, black and white SF-films and their aesthetics. In her artistic work, Halinen…
The exhibition at Seppä’s House tells of early childhood memories. The works have been based on memoirs and related old objects, photographs…
The renewed lace of the work that completed in Parpansali Park in 2015, has been made by Thorstöm. The work will be published on July 22 at…
Historical art installation in the shop window of Boutique Josefina, Kuninkaankatu 7, 18–26 July. The story of how bobbin lace once was…

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Residency artists, coming (updated 19.1.2021)


Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation and difficulties with international travel The emphasis of the program will focus to artists living in Finland until the end of 2021. This policy can be updated if necessary, we actively follow the existent restrictions and guidelines of the coronavirus in Finland.

March–July Johanna Sinkkonen (FI) textile-, metal- and visual arts.

June Jori Tapio Kalliola, DIY artist of the year / Association for Rural Culture and Education.

July Maria Kananen, dance / Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland.

August Anna Bischofberger (CH), litterature.

September–October Lotta Halinen (FI), dance.

October Suvi Nurmi, litterature


March/April–May/June Andrzej Tarasiuk (CA), visual arts, sculpture.

April-June Ivana Blanco Gross (AR/US), environmental art, paiting.

Selected but postponed:

Kieran Carrol (AU), theatre

Arundhati Deosthale (IN), litterature, translation.Marlise Keith (ZA), visual arts, collages.
Sarah Krasnow (US), theatre, perfromance.
MaryAnn Loo (SG), painting

Resartis Taike Rauma Erkki Paasikiven säätiö Vakka-suomen nuorisosäätiö WEB_lastenkulttuuri-vinonelio-oranssi.png Rauman Taidemuseo Suomen Kulttuurirahasto