Virpi Kailanto. The Hat Trik, 2020

Virpi Kailanto (Tampere, FI)

Historical art installation in the shop window of Boutique Josefina, Kuninkaankatu 7, Old Rauma, 18–26 July.


At the heart of this installation by the artist Virpi Kailanto is the story of how the bobbin lace of Rauma was once interweaved also into the boutique Rauman Kappa- ja Lakkiliike in Old Rauma. The visual look of the installation has been anchored to the atmosphere of 1920´s.

In her installation, Virpi Kailanto tells a story through lace, pictures and old items about the boutique called Rauman Kappa- ja Lakkiliike, founded by her great-aunt Bertta in 1919. Bertta´s shop articles, such as hats, dresses, coats and furs were by no means always bought only with money but bobbin lace was also casually accepted as a medium of exchange. A family story tells how the lace on display in the installation was used to buy ladies overcoats from Bertta´s boutique.

Later, until 1950´s, the shop was kept by Eugenia, a niece of Bertta, under the name Hattuatelieri Kariniemi in the same property. The left and middle windows of Kuninkaankatu 7. belonged to Rauman Kappa and Lakki boutique (later Hattuatelieri Kariniemi) and the window on the right to a haberdashery store. Bertta´s store consisted of two separate rooms on the street side, one with clothing and hat atelje and the other one being the boutique, where all the finished items were sold. On the courtyard side there was a kitchen and a storage space.

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