Lotta Halinen. Tenho (Enchantment), 2020

Lotta Halinen (FI)

A video from the dance solo rehearsals can be booked to be shown at Rauma City retirement homes during the Senior Cultuture Weeks 12.–18.10. Contact to the city culture office, Stenfors.

Residency: October

Halinen_Sinisalo.jpgPhoto: Juha Sinisalo / Länsi-Suomi



The TENHO (Enchantment) dance solo created by Lotta Halinen has been inspired by old dance music, black and white Finnish films and their aesthetics. In her artistic work, Halinen dives through this material into post-war Finland and a time her generation has not experienced. Lotta Halinen is interested in intergenerational dialog and the fact how art from different decades can bring people together. During her creative process Halinen has been diving into the filmography of old directors such as Edvin Laine, Valentin Vaara, Toivo Särkkä, Matti Kassila and Aarne Tarkas. She has also been influenced by the discography of old finnish singers such as Mauno Kuusisto, Tapio Rautavaara, Olavi Virta, Laila Kinnunen, Rauli Badding Sommerjoki and Kiti Neuvonen.

In the video interview shot at Rauma-Sali, the artist shares her views on the creative process and creating a new work of art during her residency period in Rauma. The video starts with the interview where Halinen tells about herself and the rehearsal documentation that is being shot and after the first part there are two ”work-in-process”- sketches of the new dance creation. In the last part of the interview Halinen tells more in depth about her working methods and professional practise. Lotta Halinen will return to Rauma next year to tour her solo in the local nursing homes.


Lotta Halinen is a Helsinki based dance artist that works broadly as a choreographer, performer and dance teacher in the field of performing arts. She has graduated from the Movement and Performance Research programme of North- Carelian Gollege of Outokumpu in 2013. After spending some time in Israel both dancing and creating under the guidance of Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal Dance company she continued her studies in the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance where she spend her last year of studies as a performance major.

Lotta has worked in various multidisciplinary productions both in Finland and abroad. She has been dancing in the works of Jozeph Frucek, Michal Mualem, Doris Uhlich, Stefan Baier and Kristen Hjort Inao. She has also been performing under the direction of Rah Eleh, Cris af Enehielm, Leena Keizer, Janina Rajakangas and Esa-matti Smolander.

She has been developing her own work since 2014 and her recent works include Figures (2020), Lux Griseo (2020), White Hour (2017) and Veggur/Seinä (2015). Her work has been shown both internationally and locally in gallery SIC Helsinki, Junge Kunst Parcours Festival Wien, Künstler Haus Vienna, Kaktusfestival Helsinki, Cultural Center of La Caldera Barcelona and in Kiisu Theatre in Outokumpu.

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