Agenor Martí. The Survival Map, 2007

Agenor Martí (b. 1978 CU/EC)

Lönnström Art Museum 6.10.2007 - 6.1.2008



Visiting Raumars in May - June a Cuban artits Agenor Marti lectured of "The Syncretic Cults of African Origin in Cuban Painting" on the 5th of June. Martí talked about African mythology that has been transported to Cuba and Cuban art, and mixed with catholic religion. The lecture was actualised in cooperation with Rauma Adult Education Centre.

Martí painted a big interactive "Survival Map" of which several adults and Sampaanala kindergarden children partisipated. Martí was painting at Seppä house situated next to the city library. For the people it was easy to access this house, to paint and to talk with the artist. In a painting around his central piece Marti painted a map of Rauma, where people could paint pictures from their daily life and locate it to the place where they live. White sites where left for people to continue the painting in the exhibition "Yhteyksiä - Common Ground. Raumars 1997-2007" at the Lönnström Art Museum 6.10.2007 - 6.1.2008.

Martí moved to Ecuador as a child, but the ethnographic reality of Cuba remain as a source of his colourful and lush paintings. Martí is interested in religions, intermixture of religions and syncretist cults and rituals.

Basis behind The Survival Map -painting is in 15th century big wall and ceiling frescos, where masters painted central figures and themes, while assistants and students completed the painting. Typical for the frescos is amount of mythological figures, plentifulness of occasions, intensiveness and everything placed on the backround. The mythological figures of The Survival Map of Rauma have been replaced with everyday heroes and happaning, while the map of the city lies on the backround.

Marti has donated the painting to Rauma City Art Collection.

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