Lena Gätjens. Temporary Observatory of Details, April 2016

Lena Gätjens (b. 1983 Germany)

Teresia and Rafael Lönnström Home Musem Gallery 3.–24.4.2016, Syväraumankatu 41.

Näenkö? Do I see? A special guided tour to the exhibition by optician Pekka Palmu, Rauma Day 17.4. at 2:30 pm.

Supporting educative material is offered for school classes and groups related to the topics of light, seeing, art, physics (optics), and architecture on Lönnström Art Museum site.

Residency 2.2.–26.4.2016

Vastaan+Otto triennial
Rauman Seudun Katulähetys

Gatjens_kaleidoskooppi.jpgKaleidoscope by Art School student.






Community Art Project about light and the act of seeing in Rauma.

Lena Gätjens in collaboration with Tommi-Wihtori Roström, the students of architecture and graphics classes at Rauma Art School (Rauman Kuvataidekoulu) and apprentices from Valo-pajatoiminnot at Rauma Street Mission (Rauman Seudun Katulähetys).

Observatory of Details is part of VASTAAN+OTTO / RECEPTION the 1st Triennial of the Community Arts in Helsinki-Kemiönsaari-Turku-Mynämäki-Rauma-Pori-Vaasa.

The Observatory contains viewing-objects such as tools and toys of light. The broad subject of light is being investigated in relation to the viewer: its characteristics and appearances as well as its perception by the human eye and its connotations shaped through history, religion, and cultures are the materials and content being worked with. The Observatory showcases imagined views, personal perspectives, and intimate sights and outlooks into the future. Its viewing objects address the viewer personally, since they can only be seen individually.

The Observatory reflects on the perception and showcasing of art works by confronting the visitor with an exhibition can be touched. It seeks to provoke observations of one’s own reactions in an exhibition space. It requests that one make their own decisions, observe behaviors and opinions about what art is and how it can be handled.

Valo workshop apprentices built tools of light with Lena Gätjens. These tools of light, The Marching Mirrors, will be on a journey through the city of Rauma from the end of March through April. The people of Rauma will be able to encounter them in unexpected ways. The Marching Mirrors, six mirrors on poles and wheels, are an attempt to transport the sun by creating a chain of reflections. Lena Gätjens carries out a series of experiments with them in a number of tours together with the photographer Jari Sorjonen.

The marching mirrors are an investigation about the path of the sun. Their mirror surfaces can be seen as layers being created in public space that capture the shadows of everything in their way, such as people, nature, obstacles, and objects. The light transports (beams) these reflections further, into a final projection, which is their sum. The documentation of the experimental process with the marching mirrors will continue as work-in-progress.

The Temporary Observatory of Details (Yksityiskohtien väliaikainen observatorio) invites you to slow down and to observe.

Participants and art works done by: Ruusu Ahonen, Sanni Hakala, Tuuli Helenius, Santeri Hirsikangas, Roosa Ijäs, Emmina Junnila, Marko Juutilainen, Veera Kiiskilä, Heidi Koponen, Camilla Korte, Ella Kortesaari, Anni Lahti, Antti Laihi, Sami Laine, Jukka Lampela, Sara Lavonius, Karoliina Lehto, Milja Leino, Hilla Leväniemi,Tommi Mattila, Aukusti Niemimaa, Juuli Niemimaa, Inkeri Nora, Roosa Raitanen, Mimosa Rintala, Tytti Ruusunen, Timo Salo, Emmi Salonen, Laura Sihvo, Nea Sillvan, Ellen Sjöroos, Janne Sköld, Jari Sorjonen, Iivari Sulo, Konsta Suuriniemi, Saara Vahtokari, Lidian Vihervä.

Special guided tours to the exhibition and to the Home Museum were held for the 1st–6th grade school classes on 6th –20th April.

Lena Gätjens is working as an artist in residence at the RaumArs association from February until the end of April. Her work includes light art, designing light objects, art in public spaces, and site-specific installations, as well as lighting design for architecture. Her first experiences in the field of community art were gained through the project Grandhotel Cosmopolis, a social sculpture in the heart of Augsburg, in Germany, a hotel where guests and refugees live and work together.

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