Kazuko Kizawa. Light, 25.–27.8.2016

Kazuko Kizawa (b. 1968 JP/FI)

Kiikartorni (Binoculars Tower), Suvitie 10, Thu-Sat 13-17 pm.

Residency 1.–31.8.



Artist-in-residensce in August, writes about her video work: “The installation is a video collecting lights in Rauma. Walking through the town of Rauma, I visited some Old Rauma houses that nowadays are museums, which are open only in the summer. I was amazed at how much history one house can tell. Each one had seen so many days, between the people who had lived in it, and the people who had some connections to them. I became intrigued by the past of this town and of Finland.

And today, Rauma is only 20 kilometers away from a nuclear power plant. It's a location that involves risk, for both humans and nature. With these things in mind, I collected images of light in Rauma to use in my work. I hope this project will make people think about light: what light tells us, and whether it can tell us anything.”

Kizawa has been filming natural light, sun beams, while walking around the Syväraumanlahti bay and Fåfänga cape in different hours of a day.

Kazuko Kizawa is a contemporary visual artist and photographer from Japan. She is currently living and working in Finland in Lapland. She has been constantly pursuing the possibilities of colour and light. Kizawa begun with two-dimensional art, moving into three-dimensional objects, installations, and moving images changing the form of expression as necessary. During the various artist-in-residencies she has attended since Banff, Canada in 2002, she has enjoyed the way that her work absorbs and is changed by the landscapes, materials, and people that she encounters along the way. She thinks that working in a residence is the most effective method for her, and she hopes to continue this path in the future.

Kazuko Kizawa graduated from Tama Art University (MFA, 1999) and was awarded Made in Kawasaki Contemporary Art Award Judge Prize (2006) (Japan). She has taken part in events and exhibitions on the theme of “light,” such as Lumière (2012, Canada), Porin Juhlaviikot (2010, Finland), Polar Night Light (2007, Finland), GLOW (2004, USA). Her work has been exhibit in Japan, North America, Europe and Oceania.

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