Enrico Mazzone. Subconscious, 2016

Enrico Mazzone (b.1982. IT)

Subconscious. Rauma City Library 20.2.-30.4.

Residency: 29.11.2015-22.2.2016



Twenty meter long drawing Subconscious continues the series of Mazzone’s symbolic and fantasy drawings which were exhibited in the Ulvila town library this January. Subconscious is part of the trilogy called “Sailing in one’s adventures”. Mazzone started the work in Italy and continued it in Rauma. In this way the drawing absorbed Finnish mythology that he has been studying by reading Kalevala and running in theforest. Mazzone writes: “This drawing, which is 2 x 20 metres long, is not the end or the start. It is a reflection of how memories can be easily stored on the easiest and most comfortable spot: the subconscious indeed. Four horses are able to carry on what the Super Ego brings from the ordinary life, until a gate-machinewill allow what to take and what is not needed and needs to be recycled. Two main characters, a man and a woman, dwell in a fuzzy and strange underworld. They use their own capabilities to suite the journey.”

The technique, that is used, is reminiscent of old etching or engravings and the material is very basic: paper and pencils, 168 pencils all together in this drawing. Long 12-hour working days and detailed drawing tell us about complete concentration and absorbance into the fantasy world. Enrico Mazzone has also had time to work with Rauma Visual Art School students.

Many thanks to Rauma Art Museum and Rauma library personnell.

Enrico Mazzone (b. 1982) is an Italian visual artist who has studied theatre set & costume designer and graduated from Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Torino ten years ago. After this Mazzone has been studying museology and architecture and has concentrated in drawing.

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