Jihee Min. Triad of Hope, 2011

Jihee Min (b. 1980 KR/CA)

Uotilanrinne school yard, permanent work







Jihee Min worked with Uotilanrinne primary school 7F, 8th and 9th grade visual art classes. Together they made a sculpture into an existing metal frame at the schoolyard. The structure, previously entitled “Diamond”, was originally designed by Tom Osmonen in 1988, and had three hollow triangular frames that inspired the artist to create a triad of hope for the school.

There were three steps in the process of creating the work:

Collection of the words.

Everyone from the school participated. Pupils wrote down three most valuable words that described their life and dreams, which would be eventually installed on the sculpture.

Creation of three new fonts.

Once all handwritings were collected, three most popular words were selected for the three triangular shapes in the sculpture frame. The most popular words were YSTÄVYYS (friendship), PERHE (family) and RAKKAUS (love). These handwritings were scanned and digitally fused by the artist, and then created into three new fonts, which appeared to be quite abstract as everyone’s handwritings were different.

Creation of paintings in collaboration with the students.

Three wooden panels going in the frame were first handled by the artist. The baseboards had each the new font-shape as negative cutout in the middle, and the collaborating students painted the panels with images that represented the selected words.

Unveiling of the sculpture was held on December 21st.

Handwritten text and handwritings are very individual and personal, that are not seen so much nowadays. Jihee Min believes that words are reflections of our thoughts and that handwriting is a beautiful way of transferring ones thoughts on a surface. Through the gathering of the students’ handwritings, she wanted to bring out the idea of collectiveness that is based on uniqueness of people. The selected three words, YSTÄVYYS (friendship), PERHE (family) and RAKKAUS (love), reflect the current beliefs of the Uotilanrinne school children and these words now stand in their schoolyard, transmitting positive energy into surrounding.

During her residency from November to mid January, wanting to learn a new skill, Jihee Min started a bobbin lace course at the Adult Education Centre and became very skilful in a short time. She took the bobbin lace making materials to home and joined Canadian lace makers association, where she plans to share her bobbin lace skills learned in Rauma as well as Rauma lace patterns.

From February 18th to May 6th of 2012, Raumars A-i-R with three Raumars’ artists participated at Rauma Art Museum’s group exhibition, entitled Art Building Up Rauma. The exhibition presented works by local artists and art associations, and Jihee Min participated with the cutouts from the Triad of Hope and a video that showed the process of the project.

Making process of "Triad of Hope" sponsored by Silmäoptikot Palmu.

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