Johnny Amore. 1000 Faces of Underground. Self-portraits of vanity and other things. 2007

Johnny Amore (b. 1973 DE)

Rauma Art Museum, Einola 17.8. - 9.9.2007.


Johnny Amore and Tehdas ry Superhero vs Evil Scientits_2007. Still-picture of a shortfilm

In this rotating exhibition photographer, musician, poet and performance artist Johnny Amore showed thousands of terrestrially metamorphosis - in his way. The constantly running project '1000 Faces of Underground' has always been rotating in a previous version, added with new views of man's life. Pictures dealing with the theme of man. It may be the man Johnny Amore himself, other persons who enter his life, or the human being in itself. The point of view is partly serious, partly ironical, often both, most times with a certain distance. All works are perfectly rendered and highly consistent. Johnny Amore's origin medium is photography, and it is still his most important one.

When Amore applied to Raumars residency he created a fictive person, a Superhero, who lives in München like the artist. It has been times for the *Superhero. He has experienced an identity crisis and feeled burned out and very bored. His best years are passing and his superpowers are showing limitations – self-doubts are nagging at him; you know, it’s this point in his life. His therapist recommends an atmospheric change.

Preparing for his journey he finds out that there are a several countries with a distinct lack of Superheroes. Out of energy he decided to hitchhike to Finland.

The exhibition at Rauma Art Museum included a documentary film "Me, Myself and the Superhero" by Catherina Conrad about the epic voyage of the *Superhero to Finland. What happened during the trip? How does Rauma look like in *Superehero’s eyes? People have been able to follow the trip at http://the-superhero.blogspot.com

Exhibition was organized in co-operation with Blue Sea Film Festival and Rauma Art Museum. For the opening of the BSFF Amore and artists of the Tehdas ry made a short film “Superhero vs Evil Scientits”.

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