Nica Junker. The Beauty of the Lingering White, 2017

Nica Junker (b.1975 DE)

Silent Neighbours

Residency 1.2.–1.3.2017

Artist talks/photo presentations at Rauma Camera Association 2.2., Turku Art Acamedy 14.2. and Pori/NYTE association and Bar Jussikka 24.2.




Photos Nica Junker

My artistic work focus is on photography and the moving image. Through those various backgrounds I am overall interested in combining narration into my photography and the poetry of the unspoken into my movies. Photography is an important tool to me to express new perspectives and attitudes towards the world surrounding us. In my films and my photography I work through improvisations, coincidences and found situations as well as staging a scene and directing actors. My projects are concepts of narrations. The process is the project. My work is to understand as a search that tries to elude from a local and an artist positioning and tries to invent itself with each new project in a current fluxus.

I am came to Rauma to work more on my PhD in artistic research at the Kunstuniversität Linz. I research about how to visualize time. My aim is to develop a method how to deconstruct "models of thoughts" (such as of the time) through photography. In the format of a photo essay book (like a film essay, in form of a book) I aim in a collage of photo experiments, diary, interviews, thoughts and poetry to gain more knowledge about the big topic of time and to look at it from different points of view: The first part of the book shall contribute my part to the question of how time in the visual medias. In particular I would like to work about the question, if the color "White“ represents "Timelessness“. exploring other ideas in its visualization like silence emptiness, death and eternity. My photography offers thereby possibilities to question our understanding of time and space. Time is thought as something linear, it begins and ends somewhere in the future. For me, time is to be described as a circle and it repeats. There are certain rhythms and parameters, like in music. I deal with topics of death and life, both limiting our understanding of time and realise those themes in a very abstract and poetic way.

Through my studies of the "Practice Based Artist Research“ I aim to explore my question by using the different medias of the gained visual material. I will try to link the images and their connotations to time. In a second part of my book I realize that time is relatively different in what context you think it in and as a "though" model seems to me as a constructed idea. There are other systems of time, where it seems to work totally different as for instance in memories and dreams. In a double exposure project I try to deconstruct the linear time flow in a time flow of parallel times and flashes of punctual memories in between. The aim of the work is to develop a method how to deconstruct "models of thoughts" (such as of the time) through photography. By ways of a "seeing the otherness". Within this method as a photographer I would like to look in an other way to other constructed models in our society as a following up projects after my PhD will be finished in summer 2018.

Here in Rauma I work more on the artistic project called The beauty of the lingering white - about white outs in landscape to represent a feeling of the "to be fallen out of time". A second photography project deals with the question of memories in a double exposure project of the snow landscape with the port of Rauma landscapes.

Beside the photo projects I will work on the written part of my PhD and write on the book.

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