Christine Hooper. The Relationship Between Language and Identity, 2005.

Christine Hooper (b. 1974 GB/FR)


Theatre director Christine Hooper visited Raumars during January and February. She worked with The Relationship Between Language and Identity -drama, which concentrated on man’s verbal relationships in different European countries. Hooper collected material from different sources (radio, TV, interviews, sounds from streets etc.) and joined them into her previously collected recordings around Europe. 

Hooper worked together with Freinet-school of Rauma. She and the 4th and 5th classes from the school prepared a theatre play, which was shown to public 25.2.2005. Hooper collected also material for her future play, what she is writing at the moment.

 Furthermore Christine Hooper arranged Word Art Workshops for comprehensive school children. These workshops were actualized with Freinet-school of Rauma, Word Art Group from Pori Art Museum and with youth actors of the Evening Theatre of Rauma.

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