Collectif3_Rauman_kartta_kaupungin_matkailutoimisto.JPGCollectif Reversible (FR). Rauma Map, 2013
Rauma Tourist Information Office 2013–2017.

RaumArs A.i.R.
c/o Rauma Art Museum
Kuninkaankatu 37
26100 Rauma
Finland / Europe

  • this the mailing address, not the address of the guest artists' apartmet

Executive director
Hannele Kolsio
phone: +358 (0)44 054 5419
e-mail: raumars (at) raumars (dot) org

Elina Junnila
phone: +358 (0)44 235 9073
e-mail: elinajunnila (at) hotmail (dot) fi

Stipend/community artist telephone
+358 (0)44 095 9545

Artist telephone
+358 (0)46 526 9000

Dear associates,
RaumArs association and the visiting artists work together with many organizations presenting different exhibitions, lectures, performances, artist talks and events.
When you organize events or on any occation where RaumArs-artists are involved, we hope that RaumArs A-i-R or RaumArs Artist in Residence Programme is mentioned with the logo on your media releases, information brochures, posters, internet. You can add our web site address www.raumars.org.

Here you can download RaumArs logo. Logo is designed by Milla Moilanen in 1998.

Map of Rauma

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