Ayumi Matsuzaka. Time Bank, 2010

Ayumi Matsuzaka (b. 1978 JP/DE)

Nordea Bank 24.8. – 15.9. and

Rauma Herring Market 19.9.





Ayumi Matsuzaka invited citizens to TIME BANK treasure-hunting and cooking session to create 40 jar objects. Matsuzaka has collected the first jam-making incredients and preserved with inhabitants in/around of Rauma. Thereafter, bottles are displayed at Nordea bank, where the audience are invited to participate in the community project by selecting her/his favorite jam jar and writing an unfinished wish or idea what a person has been thinking about for a long time.

Wish written to a card will be placed on the side of the jar, so that only the author knows content of it. Others see only the name of the wisher. Participants will receive a jar of their choice at the Rauma Herring Market event on 19th September. After the bottle is opened at home and a person begins to eat preserved jams, a wish or hope starts to be realized. The intensive material of jar will support the realization a lot. When the jar will become empty again, the artist wishes the idea would be completed too.

Thanks to Nordea, Masku Kalustetalo Oy and Rauma Reimari Lions Club

Ayumi Matsuzaka is Japanese artist, living and working in Berlin, Germany. She stayed at the residence for two moths. In 2008 Matsuzaka made a similar project Deposit at Puutikkala in collaboration with Finnish artist Piia Salmi.

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