Sandra Sitron. Adaption Chronicles, 2009

Sandra Sitron (b. 1980 US)

Basement Theatre of Rauma 15th September &

Rauma City Library 10th September

Puppet making in Rauma Freinet School


Adaption Chronicles performance, Meri

Scenery plan made by Pori Kalle School 7th graders

“The Adaptation Chronicles” was a three part collaboration between Rauma Freinet School 6th graders, Pori Kallela School 7th graders and artist Sandra Sitron in August-September 2009. Pori Kallela School students created concepts of fantastical environments. Students at Rauma Freinet School responded with characters that have adapted to exist in the new environments. The Rauma Freinet School students created puppets of their characters and wrote stories of the interactions between the new species. The result was “The Adaptation Chronicles,” an event shown at Rauman Kellariteatteri (Basement Theatre of Rauma) with three puppet shows: Ice Mountain, Fire Mountain and Sea. Event included an exhibition of the artworks that were created in the process of developing the performances.

Puppets and scenes of The Adaptation Chronicles were shown at Rauma culture and leisure centre in January-February 2010 and at the Pori city library in February-March 2010.

On Thursday 10th September 2009 New York artist collective Inthecomplex member Sandra Sitron distributed "esh" usage cards and promotional materials in Rauma City Library. “Esh” is an English language pronoun and a gender neutral pronoun. Until now, the English language has not had a gender neutral pronoun, and the inclusion of “esh” makes communication easier and more accurate. Inthecomplex is interested in the Finnish response to a new English language pronoun of this type.

To read more about the “esh” project and events: www.eshpronoun.blogspot.com. To read more about Inthecomplex: www.inthecomplex.blogspot.com

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