Chosil Kil. Export Wood - Wood Expert, 2008

Chosil Kil (b. 1975 KR/UK)

Lönnström Art Museum Studio, February 8th – March 2nd 2008

Chosil_Kil_ja_Tero_Suomi_rakentavat_Koteloa.jpgChosil Kil and Tero building the Cocoon

Cocoon 2008

Chosil Kil, True Romance 2008, raindrops in a glass bottle in "Export Wood - Wood Expert" exhibition

During the residency in January-February 2008, the South Korean artist Chosil Kil completed Cocoon No.3, a symbolic shelter in the unique Old Rauma, a World Heritage Listed town for being the largest received Nordic wooden city centre.

Cocoon no.3 is put together with the donated wooden bits given by the local residents of Rauma: old beds, doors, boards, windows, chairs. Inspired by behaviour of the Finnish wood ants which tend to make their nest by engraving the wood fibres around the natural curves, the artist built Cocoon no.3 in spiral shape that resembles it.

Cocoons is a series of work which Kil hopes to build five of them in different countries. Chosil Kil has completed two Cocoons at Pouch Cove in Canada and at Sandes in Norway and will make two more in Ireland and Korea. The five different Cocoons that Kil will build throughout two years will come together to be exhibited at Riflemaker Gallery in London in 2009.

Alongside Cocoon no.3, Chosil Kil exhibits objects and drawings. Kil tells her imaginative stories through changing the contexts of found objects and illustrates her memories in abstract terms on paper: old glass bottles that contains rain drops; paper table cloth that was used in her kitchen table in her flat in Rauma for two weeks. Chosil Kil plays with ideas of permanence and transience, capturing the fleeting and embodying experience. By doubting the everyday she finds the extraordinary within the ordinary, creating art that possesses a very human, organic beauty.

Local newspaper Länsi-Suomi wrote about the project 15.1.2008.

Chosil Kil (b.1975 Seoul Korea) graduated from the Royal College of Art, London 2004. She was in the collective group “Janfamily” and participated in the book, “Janfamily - Plans For Other Days”, published by Booth-Clibborn Editions. Kil has exhibited at various galleries including Riflemaker Gallery, London (2007); Skuc Gallery, Ljubljana (2006); La Bank, Paris (2006); Nyehaus, New York (2007); Black Block at Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2005); Sundown Salon, Los Angeles (2005). She was short - listed for Jerwood Drawing Prize 2007. At a same time with Raumars AiR Kil had a solo exhibitions at Cornerhouse, Manchester (February 1st – March 23rd 2008).

Raumars project supported by Masku – Rauman Kalustetalo Ltd.

Thanks to Old Rauma renovation centre Tammela.

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