Yuki Shiroi. Between the Spaces, 2018

Yuki Shiroi (b. 1977 JP/DE)

Mural at Mainiokoti Jussoila, sheltered housing.

Residency 1.3.–29.4.2018



Shiroi_1.jpgDetail of the wallpainting.

Shiroi_3_4b.jpg'Souvenir from Rauma' workshop at Normaalikoulu class 6A. Picture Yuki Shiroi.

Japanese visual artist and illustrator Yuki Shiroi has been working on the mural painting to the living room lobby of Hoiva Mehiläinen Mainiokoti Jussoila, which provides sheltered housing for elderly people. The mural is based on Shiroi’s research into the culture and history of Rauma. She interviewed many people, from local authors to longtime residents, to gain insight into the unique local traditions of Rauma.

Being a coastal city, Rauma has a strong connection to the sea and its' rhythms. Just as sailors once were guided by their knowledge of the stars, Shiroi senses a profound connection between sea and cosmos which she incorporated into this piece. The mural is a depiction of a time when we were more in sync with sea and the stars, created with the hope that it could recall fond memories and stimulate the imagination of the elderly.

Workshops at Rauman Normaalikoulu Teacher Training School

Besides the mural Shiroi conducted art workshops Souvenir from Rauma, Unknown Letters sand Masks at Normaalikoulu from grades ­4–8, with each class using different creative mediums to express themselves. Students participated in activities including creating their own characters and alphabets and constructing masks to represent a particular animal they felt a connection with. Each activity was based on her cultural research and individual approach to the artistic process.

Rauma Art Museum is hosting an exhibition Myyttinen matka (Mythical journey) by Heikki Willamo, which was conveniently on display during Shiroi’s residency. After visiting the exhibition and long discussions with the photographer Willamo, Shiroi can add new knowledge of the beliefs and spirits of prehistorical Finns to her art.

Yuki Shiroi is a Japanese artist/Illustrator based in Berlin. She holds a BA in Illustration from Willem de Kooning Academy in Netherlands and specializes in hand-drawn illustrations and paintings, depicting fictional worlds and characters. Shiroi has a keen interest in ancient traditions, myths and symbolism of different cultures. She likes to travel to different countries, explore cultures, and create her own visual language using different mediums to continuously develop her techniques.

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