Iveta Laure. Vakar - šodien - Rīt, 2011

Iveta Laure (b. 1962 LV)

Busstop clothing concept store, Kuninkaankatu 16, 14th July – 4th August




Iveta Laure worked as a residence artist at Raumars A-i-R from early May until the end of August. In Latvia she works in Riga School of Arts as a teacher. In her art she has used eg. recycled materials. During her residence she had a workshop for youths and three wholeness of her own. Vakar-Šodien-Rit (Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow) was an installation at a clothing concept store Busstop with some items on sale. Laure wanted to combine contemporary art, handicrafts, fashion and old as well new items together.

Artists statement:

This is a conceptual project about our past and future -­ they seem so different but in reality they are almost the same. Time goes by but the human mind hasn't changed -­ there have been only some changes and inventions in technology.

By accident I got a ready-­made lace curtain from a friend of mine from my hometown Riga. His grandmother, almost a hundred years old, passed away and left behind a big wardrobe full of old things. The young generation wanted to keep only few of them. They showed me the things they were going to throw away and I decided to save some of them, including a beautiful hand-­made curtain which became the starting point of my project.

I made a copy of the curtain's pattern but in a more contemporary way drawing on fabric. It made the fabric look like the original curtain's photo negative in black color.

In a flea market in Rauma, I found some lace and nice old underwear a shirt and pants which gave me the idea to show these things in a very contemporary way. I made new clothes mimicking the patterns of the old ones. I used also contemporary fabrics in this specific project. A big challenge for me was to use the world famous Marimekko fabric in one of the garments.

This project is like a dialogue between the old and the new -­a dialogue between generations. I am going to continue this project with a short video. I have already done the filming and sent the material to Riga for editing and soundtrack.

Resartis Taike Rauma Erkki Paasikiven säätiö Vakka-suomen nuorisosäätiö WEB_lastenkulttuuri-vinonelio-oranssi.png Rauman Taidemuseo Suomen Kulttuurirahasto