Iveta Laure. Pax et Bonum, 2011

Iveta Laure (b. 1962 LV)

Crossroads of Tehtaankatu and Myllymäenkatu 274th July – 7th August



During her residence Iveta Laure had a workshop for youths and three wholeness of her own. Pax et Bonum was a site-spesific object on the corner of a house.

Artist's statement:

I chose this building for my object because of its location. It's not located in the old and very well renovated part of Rauma. It's a nice ordinary wooden house with curtains with sailboats and birds which are very trational for Rauma. These images look very cozy and they symbolize a wish for changes and hope for a better future.

What means home for a human being? It's a sanctuary where you can keep yourself safe from the outer worl and a place where you will begin the journey into the world. It's the place where you can share your moments of happiness and suffering.

People have created wise aphorisms like "Home sweet home" and "My home is my castle". In Riga there are art nouveau buildings featuring such maxims on their facades.

But what does a home mean in the modern society? Many people have no money to buy a place of their own or even rent one. There is also a great number of homeles people all around the world. Rauma today is like a small place of paradise but what about the other world? What will happen with the developing and changing global society? I believe we still have hope...

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