Alessandro Mancassola & Barbara Ceriani Basilico. Wish You Were Here, 2011

Alessandro Mancassola (b. 1979 IT) &
Barbara Ceriani Basilico (b. 1979 IT)

Lanterns launching 10th Oct and exhibition at Rauma City Library 11th – 14th Oct 2011.

Residence September – October 2011

Lantern launching 10th Oct 2011. Picture Alessandro Mancassola

Wish You Were Here -workshop at Rauma Freinet School

Wish You Were Here in Rauma Town Library

Wish you were here was a workshop and a happening with Rauma Freinet School disciples. We invited citizens to a lanterns launching happening on Monday 10th October at sunset 18.40 by the Venetian stairs of Rauma canal Happening also dignified national author's Aleksis Kivi day, Finnish Litterature Day and Energy Saving Week.

Event was documented on video and photographs, which were exhibited in Rauma City Library lobby 11th - 14th Oct. The small exhibition included also photos from a workshop.

Inspired by floating lanterns, which have been traditionally used for about 2000 years in Japan, where people are used to write down their wishes on the lanterns before letting them go floating by on a river, a lake or the waves of the sea, hoping for them to come true; artists worked with the children, who have realized in writing and/or painting a wish on their own lantern. Italians have a tradition using lanterns e.g. in weddings on Garda and Como lake areas.
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