Pauline Curnier Jardin. LOV and TVO performance, 2007

Pauline Curnier Jardin (b. 1980 FR)

January: Perfo-07, Telakka, Tampere

February: Lönnström Art Museum


The performance LOV and TVO (or Falling in Love With Energy) tells a musical movie-story of Alice, the biggest dreamer in the world, who discovered new colors in Rauma after escaped from her sad past in her homecountry... But this Alice doesn't find a lover at the TVO, the nuclear power plant where she is hired, so she starts to be more and more anxious and starts to have such a strange fantaisies... Surrounded by a couple of fancy characters (a water-scorpion, a medieval guru, a Japanese who laughs every time and children who have some supernatural powers) Alice's story evolves like an acidulous and creaking tragedy, in a kind of fantastic style.

As a french woman in Rauma, the first thing people always asked me here was : "Are you here for working at the new nuclear power plant?". Sometimes I answered "yes". That’s why my main character works there, it's like that I wrote everything, always from my own reality here.


Without knowing it, since a long time, Finland resounded like the country of my dreams. I wanted to confront this fantasy (or this cliché?) with the reality, not to break this dream, but to touch it and most of all to find and specify where it started, why, and how Icould play-and-work with it... (why, perpetually, all this strange reindeers came to invade all my drawings?). On top of that, I was curious about which kind of distance I should take to make something with this such happy and naive anticipation of a culture... But this is my way to work I guess, and the only word which could explain it, is the english verb "to wonder". I work wondering. First Finland represented my Wonderland. Then the first thing I made here, during the first week, was to wrote a story about a certain Alice...

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