Suvi Nurmi, 2019

Suvi Nurmi(FI)

Residency: May

Nurmi_1.jpgWords of the Finnish National Anthem Our Land in a community project with the teenagers.

The Helsinki-based artist and editor fell in love with Rauma when working on a community-based art project ”Mun maa” together with the youth center Kuovi and the Rauma Art Museum in the fall 2017. Already then she decided to apply for the residency one day.

During her residency period in May the artist focuses on writing. She's working on a fantasy trilogy which tells a story of two sisters living in a small Finnish town, who find out they have inherited the ability to travel in time from their mother who's gone missing years ago. The first two parts of the series are currently being edited, and the third sequel has been written half-way so far. There hasn't been yet a publishing-contract made on the trilogy, but negotiations are going on. Publishing a novel has been Nurmi's great dream since her childhood, and writing for children and youth feels especially meaningful to her.

At the moment Nurmi is finishing her studies in the Master's Programme of literary studies in the Helsinki University, and alongside with her artistic work she does editing of translations in children's literature for the publishing house Otava. As a visual artist, her next project is a site-specific sound work that will be presented in Kunsthalle Turku in August 2019.

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