Claudia Wissmann. A Light for the Night Shift, 2000.

A German light artist lit Lönnström Art Museum’s elevator tower with her work “A Light for the Night Shift” and executed several artworks in the suburb of Lajo in her “Luminous Lajo” project.

Born in Dortmund, the German-based artist cooperated with both adults and children alike during her time in Rauma. One of her communal works included residents of a local apartment house to have their televisions set in the windowsills of the building to shine their light out and gleam in the same rhythm in the dark night. To accomplish the desired effect the artist needed to reach, meet and inspire all the residents to cooperate with her. In another similar project in Lajo the artist generated an idea of a giant board game to be projected in the walls of another apartment building. Local people were invited to play the game and through the playing also to become part of the artwork itself.

“A Light for the Night Shift” was an independent art project made for Lönnström Art Museum to celebrate the millennium. The work was a computer programmed light installation in which the artist drew attention to the details of this newly renovated building and staged lights to resemble a tireless elevator that just moved up and down along the walls.

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