Somar Jbawi, 2019

Somar Jbawi (1975 SY)

Residency December.

Free entrance to Syrian film الرابعة بتوقيت الفردوس


Somar_11.12._2.jpgFilm still

191213_Somar_leffat_013.JPGAt a workshop in Eura


Screenings during December in Rauma locations, Pori high school, Eura library and Eura schools are connected to a film project Movies on Rails (MORS), which was founded by Somar Jbawi from Damascus, Syria. Movies on Rails is a cinematic approach to the biggest human flow since WWII. It takes the shape of mobile screening platform hosted in several cities across Europe. Focusing on the human side of the Syrian crisis, and believing that all refugees share nearly the same background and circumstances, MORS moves from this towards addressing all refugees in Europe.

Starting with in an Artist in Residence in Regensburg, Germany, MORS blows its train whistles towards several European stops; Munich, Hamburg, Bonn, Berlin, and now in Rauma, Finland, MORS puts a spotlight on the human aspect of the Syrian crisis through short films.

The three short films that will be shown are: Checkpoint depicts children's mindsets and their childish understanding of war, Adam is a film where children could, despite of everything around them, find a space of joy and hope and Jacket tells about a young man who loses his wife in the sea during the waves of refugees. His grief on her loss explode in an artistic way of dance. English subtitles.

Checkpoint, 2014. Director Sondous Barhoom, editor Somar Jbawi, 7’00"
Adam, 2018 Director Mohammad Mouradi, editor Somar Jbawi, 7'00"
Jacket, 2015 Director Ahmad Chaaban, editor Somar Jbawi, 6’52"

A long film 4 o'clock at paradise:

Within a day, seven characters' destinies intersect in a city swinging among life, death, and legend. The film probes the depths of the Syrian souls who are hunted with curse of place; the ones who found nowhere to run to but their inner selves in a broken city teared by war, poverty and anger. When everything was collapsing in the streets of Damascus like a mountain of sand, other things were collapsing inside us: morals, communism, and homeland.

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