Jess Fuller. Snow Labyrinth, 2001

Jess Fuller (GB/DE)


Sculptor Jess Fuller has orientated himself in his productions in the traditions and the mythologies, which are associated in the labyrinths. He has carried out the works of labyrinth theme on the children's playgrounds in Germany and in Latvia. There is always the active side of Fuller's works.

Fuller visited in the winter-spring of 2001 in Rauma, preparing his becoming and longer visit. Fuller also directed the workshop from the basis of Finnish folklore for the students of Syvärauma school. Lemminkäinen's trip to Tuonela was chosen as a subject of the workshop. In Lemminkäinen's story, there is an allegory of surviving at almost impossible exercise and also the same kind of allegory is associated in the labyrinth theme. Children drew the Lemminkäinen's trip from the basis of the story and drawings were arranged like a photo story. In this way, children told the Lemminkäinen's story to the foreigner guest artist. Fuller made a temporary labyrinth sculpture onto the frozen sea from ice, snow and the children's drawings.

An introductory plan of a permanent sculpture to the Syvärauma area was born from the workshops. The thought is that the sculptor Jess Fuller will design a labyrinth sculpture to the park and the same children group which was making the drawings, will be attending to carry it out. Working will be continued from the basis of the Kalevala's folklore. The sculpture, which will be located in Rauma, would be the third work of the series. The local folklore and the labyrinth tradition all over the Europe have been a basis to the series.

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