Alice Liu. Movie Magic, May 2016

Alice Liu (b. 1961 CN/IS) &
Rauman Lyseo high school visual art students KU1 and KU2 courses.

Brummi culture club 26.5.2016 at 6 pm.

Residency 4.4.–27.5.2016

Listhus Artist Residency





Photos Alice Liu.

Alice Liu collaborates with Emilia Badyari and Tuula Kuusela, art teachers of Rauman Lyseon lukio to establish a new media course for students in Rauma. In this Movie Magic workshop, students will explore the basic film language and theory, which means the illusion of human eye. Firstly, participants need to do a simple 15 second stop motion animation. They select objects and take a picture of every movement to form the sense of story. Step by step, from simple to complicated, through these 6 weeks workshop, students will gain the skills of producing animation, problem solving, communication, collaboration and of course, have a lot of fun.

Alice Liu is a commercial media artist from Hong Kong, China. She got a diploma of computer animation in 1998 and graduated in BA of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong in 2004. She is good in video editing and storytelling. Liu moved to Iceland in 2010 and start running Listhus Artist Residency program, located in Olafsfjordur, north Iceland in 2012.

Community projects:
Convention Hall (2006) a public collective images exhibition of the protest of WTO in HK in 2015
I love community-Public Images Wide Open(2008) workshop and an exhibition
Northern Lights Story (2013) exhibitions and book published
Skammdegi Festival (found in 2015) an annual festival in dark winter

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