Hanni Stolker. Beautiful people of Rauma, 2000

Hanni Stolker (NL)

Pususilta (kissing bridge) railings 28th July 2000 at the Black Lace night




Hanni Stolker painted "Beautiful people of Rauma" - a series of acrylic portraits of 30 persons from all ages and sexes. In addition Stolker designed a new appearance to the Pususilta (kissing bridge) railings.

The new look of the bridge was solemnized at the Black Lace Night on 28th July 2000. In her homeland Stolker is known of her wall paintings. In Rauma she got an inspiration from Old Rauma wooden house idyll. Wandering in the alleys artist picked up colours of the houses to her file and composed sets of them. An idea of doing a colour map to the street scene based to these sketches. A suitable place was found from the bridge railing which is crossing the canal of Rauma. Place offered a natural opportunity to series of twenty colours.

The painting was made by voluntary work, which beside Stolker, was involved also a textile artist Anu Sukanen, producer Kirre Koivunen, graphic artist Mari-Kaarina Arvinen and producer of Raumars Heli Pirkkalainen.

Already during the painting project citizens were surprised when they noticed that the rusty bridge is having a new paint for its beauty. Passerbys comments were supporting. When the job ended, the artist started design a project just like this to her native land, Holland. Her thought was to create the work pair being a culture bridge between two states.

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