Melina Faka. Texere, 2018

Melina Faka (b. 1979 GR/FR)

Rauma Art Museum 28th August at 4 pm. Performance with Heikki Vastiala.

Residency: July–August




Melina Faka, current artist at RaumArs, will be ending her two months residency to an installation and performance which is combining art, weaving, poetry and music.

Faka has been making the carpet at the weaving studio of Association for the Job Seekers of Rauma. Part of the collaboration has been done with the weavers Sisko Laito and Kirsti Nurminen besides with Karen Claudin from the Job Seekers’ media workshop and their volunteer Laila Riiski and Nuorten työpaja.

Premise for the weaved carpet has been a poem Ubiquité by French musician–poet Olivier Mellano. Faka has been interested in the transcription of a musical poem, into the act of weaving, using the morse code. A code which is similar to jacquard cards (French looms) and the organ cards which are made for music pieces. The created pattern is a language, an imaginary music, and electronic musician Heikki Vastiala will come to interpret it at the Art Museum.

As a designer and installation artist Melina Faka is interested in how our ancestresses expressed themselves thru weavings. Moreover how the carpet used to be the most symbolic object of the house, the representation of the garden and it has been full of signs. Faka has been contemplating what kind of a landscape do we inhabit and what kind of a world of signs do we live in?

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You have a possibility to see J.O. Mallander collection exhibition before the performance.

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