Viktoria Ikonen. Changes/Constancies, 2017

Viktoria Ikonen (b. 1986 RU)

P-gallery, Pori, Yrjönkatu 3, 24.11.–10.12.

Residency 1.9.–25.11.2017



During her stay at the RaumArs AiR in Rauma, Viktoria Ikonen worked on a site-specific project "Changes / Constancies" based on her everyday observations and documentations of the seasonal changes in nature.

She conducted a research about the sea in Rauma, where the artist was living nearby, questioning how this natural matter could be defined by the exact place. Ikonen constructed the project by using various materials such as paintings, Polaroids, notes and also found objects from Rauma, all of which were created and collected during the residency time. These materials were interwoven with various scientific facts taken from the pages of Wikipedia about the Gulf of Bothnia, and also with what she learnt from the maritime cultural heritage and history of Rauma.

The final presentation at P-galleria aims to provide a 'mixed media landscape' in which the artist portrayed the traces of human activities left in the landscape and the images of the present scenery in order to reveal the local and seasonal peculiarities of the sea, while exploring the possibilities of various mediums.

Ikonen was born in Leningrad in 1986. 2010 graduated from The Russian State Academy of Art and Design with the Master’s degree. During her studies she attended painting and analytical drawing workshops by professors Mosevitch S. P. and Kazakov B. B. Since 2013, the artist has participated in various shows in Russia, Finland, Germany, Turkey and Spain, and attended international art residencies. In 2014 she was a recipient of a monthly support stipend in Can Serrat art center in Barcelona, Spain and in 2016 became the finalist of Start In Art competition organized by K35 gallery in Moscow. The list of solo shows includes This Error is Forgivable, in collaboration with Nobushige Kono at Artreflex gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia in 2016 and Something real, Mart Modern Art Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia in 2015.

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