Nadja Pärssinen. Fierce Aisles of Light, 2018

Nadja Pärssinen (FIN)

22.2. solo performance
22.2. public workshop, Wanhan Rauman KaffeBar

23.2. workshop Rauma Library

Residency in February


Parssinen_2.JPGHelmi Vänni and Nadja Pärssinen


In the end of the RaumaArs -residency program choreographer and dancer Nadja Pärssinen will have an open doors of Fierce Aisles of Light -solo. You can follow her performance on Thursday 22.2.2018 15.00–15.30 pm in the mirror room of in Rauma Adult Education Center.

The main focus of Nadja Pärssinen´s work has been research of interaction between words, sound and movement into the instant choreography. The source of inspiration of this solo practice has been, among other things, composer Brian Eno´s Drums between the Bells compositions and Tom Waits Nighthawks on the diner album.

Pärssinen is interesting to give to the audience the possibility to became sensitive towards landscapes of sound and movement in a relation of now-moment, where the performer dives into the unknown and unexpected.

Part of the RaumaArs -residency program Nadja Pärssinen was giving Land(e)scapes -public workshops, which were relating to the original multidisciplinary dance performance.

During the public workshop you could see video art that was made in a collaboration Belgian video artists Jeroen Sebrechts and Nadja Pärssinen.

Meaning of the Land(e)scapes -public workshop was arouse the awareness of the perishableness of nature. Public workshops were held Wanhan Rauman KaffeBar -cafe on Thursday 19.30-20.00 pm and in the public library on Friday 9.30-11.00 am.


Nadja Pärssinen graduated from North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium International dance programme in 2009. Her latest choreography INITIAL POINT(S) group piece was in a collaboration with visual artist Virpi Velin´s SOLITUDE – Interpretations of space, light and body – exhibition. The performance took place at the Gallary of Rantakasarmi in Suomenlinna, in Finland December 2017, where Pärssinen worked with 11 dancers. She has danced in the improvisation group MEAT IN THE SPACE and collaborated with choreographers such as Sanna Myllylahti, Anu Sistonen, Vera Lapitskaya, Anna Venäläinen, Silvia Verges, Brandon Conzalez and Rosalind Crisp. Lately she has been teaching contemporary dance for inkorpora-assembly.

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