Jeanne Hoffman. Postcards from Rauma, 2007

Jeanne Hoffman (b. 1974 ZA)

Residency: 23.9. - 3.11.2007

Kosti Uusi-Kartano, Collage City post card

Collage post cards from Rauma

Jeanne Hoffman teaching at the Rauma high school.

Jeanne Hoffman started the first period of her residence in September. During two months she visited several schools in Rauma showing her work and lecturing about art. With seventh grade pupils of Rauma primary school and with students of Rauma high school she planned the project which will take place in spring 2008.

In the first workshops they discussed about relationships between humans and urban environment. Students made collages from old post cards of Rauma. The post card workshop and the resulting exhibition will link to the broader social concern. The notion of the constant flux between people, cultural residue and consumption fuel the collaboration. Through the physical gestures of cutting, rearranging landmarks | (land)(marks) and recycling the products of our consumption, the students each construct a different Rauma, thereby making the landscape their own.

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