Arundhati Deosthale & Avanti Devasthale, 2019

Arundhati Deosthale & Avanti Devasthale (IN)

A&A Book Trust

Lectures at Rauma Library

9.5. at 5 pm. Creating a Village That Reads.

16.5. at 5 pm. Women's Rights a Long Way to Go

Residency 2.5.–15.6.



Indian writers have passions for languages, translation and writing. They work in a village called Shitala at the foot of the Himalayas. The goal is to teach children living in challenging conditions to enjoy reading and discover the power of the imagination. At the same time, they are doing attitude change work to improve the position of girls. The A&A Book Trust, founded by Deosthale and Devasthale, has created 130 libraries / reading corners in Uttarakhand and teaches other hobbies in addition to reading.

Both women have translated a lot of Nordic and Finnish children's literature into Hindi and English, such as Astrid Lindgren's Peppi Pitkätossu and Eemeli books, Jujja Wieslander's Mimmi Lehmä series, Tove Appelgren's Vesta-Linnea series and Markus Majaluoma's Father series. They also write themselves.

The lectures are carried out in co-operation with RaumArs A-i-R, Rauma Adult Education Centre’s Täykkäri and Rauma City Library. Free entry. Lectures are given in English.

During the residency, the mother and daughter also worked and lectured at Rauma Normal School, Rauma Freinet School as well as in both Eura and Säkylä Upper Secondary Schools and secondary schools. The provincial visit was carried out in cooperation with Eura-Säkylä's Soroptimist International.

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