Orianna, 2020

Orianna (Oriana Aristizábal Ortiz, Co)
Colombian songwriter and piano player.

7.3. 21:00– Jam session at Brummi.

30.4. at 14:00 YLE Areena balcony concert streaming from apartment building area. The interview is first in Finnish, but English starts appr. 1:30 and songs are in Spanish/English.

1.5. from 14:00 onwards on the Rauma 1st of May event 'Vappu yhdessä'. Streaming from the theater Iso-Hannu: paperilehti.fi/vappuyhdessa

5.5. Concert recording from Rauma Hall, published on RaumArs YouTube channel, 16 min.

16.5. Jazz evening from Culture Club Brummi, livestream with Carola Larsson and Jami Jokinen at 18:00.

23.8. at 16:30 Songs at the Blue Sea Film Festival, just before the movie Selim in the Lönnström Art Museum yard.

3.9. at 19:00 Voices of Mansion: Orianna, at Vuojoki mansion, Eurajoki. Tapas&wine are included in the ticket price 20€ at 18:00, performance at 19:00. Tickets from the Vuojoen Kartano tel. 044 242 4085 or vuojoki@vuojoki.fi.

Residency March–September.

Orianna_1_JS.jpgMaking video for YouTube. Picture Jari Sorjonen.

Orianna_2.jpegYle Areena performance at Tuulensuu.



Orianna performs mainly acoustic indie pop with jazz and blues influences. During the RaumArs residency she has been writting and composing new music e.g. a song Home, which will be heard at the balcony concert among Cuéntame tu secreto and Lluvia y calor. Orianna tells about the song: "It was a beautiful, snowy day. The song talks about feeling home even being so far from home. Every time I see the snow, it feels like home now."

Orianna came to Rauma to enjoy local music, interact with musicians and choir members, nurture her songs, and also write and perform the songs while new experiencing a totally new and exciting culture for March-April. After the situation turned upside down, she wants the locals to enjoy her music.

The concert is meant for Tuulensuu area people, who are welcomed to watch the concert from their own balconies or windows. Organizers hope the music will delight everyone in the same situation inside the homes.

Orianna has two solo albums, both supported and funded through artistic contests for musicians in Medellín, Colombia. She has worked for two years (2016-2018) at "Colegio Gimnasio Los Pinares" as a bilingual music teacher. In 2009–2014 she was developping a music and language education program at the Public School "Maria de los Ángeles Cano Márquez".

Solo concerts at Eura and Säkylä schools on the 14th April and a joint concert with Rauma Flikkatte Göör and Rauma Boy Choir on the 15th April at Poselli were changed, due to the COVID-19 situation, into Yle Areena and YouTube streamings. Choirs were able to rehearse Cirle Singing – a form of A Cappella group singing – with Orianna only for few times, so it was impossible to create and perform new music together with tight assembly restrictions. One and half months residency turned into six months...

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