Irene Rogan. Mikrocosm, 2015

Irene Rogan (b. 1955 UK) &
Tarja Kyllijoki,
Katariina Mannio,
Leena Vaino,
Jari Sorjonen,
SAMK Water Institute Wander and
Pyhäjärvi Institute.

Exhibition at Seppä house 22.5.– 22.6.

Residency 12.3–30.6.2015

IR_Mikrokosmos1_JS.jpgIrene Rogan, Da Vinci’s Treasure. Picture Jari Sorjonen

Irene Rogan, Breath of God

Katariina Mannio, Before–After

IR_Mikrokosmos4_Kyllijoki_JS.jpgTarja Kyllijoki. Picture Jari Sorjonen


Leena Vainio

Leena Vainio. Picture Jari Sorjonen

Leena Vainio's performance.

Four artists and a photographer are working experimentally, exploring the intersection between human life, art and science at Seppä house. The project officially begun on the same day the house celebrated its 90th Birthday the 22nd May 2015.

As part of her Morphogenesis art project Irene Rogan has invited artists Tarja Kyllijoki (Eura), Katariina Mannio (Rauma), Leena Vainio (Tampere) and a photographer Jari Sorjonen (Rauma) to work with her in an unconventional way towards the creation of art that uses the model of the microcosm as an artistic proposition and is engaged with the practice of research and experimentation as a public act. The artists will work independently on their own art experiments which may or may not resolve into final objects and in a world in which their projects may extend into other spaces or create more intimate spaces for themselves – thus experimentation examines the idea that sometimes the journey is more interesting than the destination.

Throughout the project the artists will open the doors for ‘public observation’ of the works-in-progress, watch out for the notices both outside Seppä house door and through social networks. On the 15th - 17th June there will be an opportunity to view the final collection of the experimental works and their outcomes.

Microcosm noun
1. A little world; a world in miniature
2. Anything that is regarded as a world in miniature.
3. Human beings, humanity, society, or the like, viewed as an epitome or miniature of the world or universe.

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