Suvi Nurmi, 2020

Suvi Nurmi (FI)

Residency: June & October.


Helsinki-based visual artist, author and editor Suvi Nurmi is staying in the residence for the second time. In May 2019, she fell in love with the peaceful and cozy atmosphere of the house. When the opportunity to return to Rauma by June 2020 arose, Nurmi took it without hesitation.

A lot has happened during the year. In January 2020, Nurmi signed a publishing contract for her fantasy series "Routala", the third part of which she wrote during her previous stay in Rauma. Now the series is expanding from a trilogy to a four-part one. The first part, "Unissamatkaaja", will be published in the spring of 2021, published by Myllylahti. In addition, the youth novel "Be Cool", co-written by Nurmi and her friends Matilda Ahlsten and Saara Honkanen, won the Karisto and Children's Literature Institute's writing competition in November 2019, and will be published in Karisto's publishing program in August.

During this residency, Nurmi will once again focus on writing. There are two works in the making: the fourth part of Nurmi's own youth novel series, and a sequel to "Be Cool". It is once again created in a seamless collaboration between three friends, as each adds their own excerpts to the shared file whenever they have time.

During the spring of 2020, Nurmi completed her studies in the master's program in literary studies at the University of Helsinki. In addition to her artistic work, she works as a freelance editor for translated children's and youth novels. As a visual artist, her next project is a multimedia work that deals with adults’ memories of childhood music lessons. For the work, Nurmi received a six-month working grant from the Uusimaa Committee of the Art Promotion Center. The work on it will start in July.

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