Kristin Brice. What Do You See? 2017

Kristin Brice (b. 1990 USA) / Equinya

& Anna, Ismo, Krista, Saana and Sonja

21.–28.9. Seppä's house.

Residency 3.8.–30.9.2017



Detail of Brice's painting.

Youths of RaumanAalto mental health rehabilitation and Brice are opening an exhibition at Seppä's house. This exhibition is a collection of work from art therapy workshops. They feature ink blots that are based in writing out private, uncomfortable thoughts and obscuring them with ink and marks. They reference the famous Rorschach tests to connect back to the theme of mental health.

Brice is an American artist whose work is a result of her own experiences with mental illness and instability, she has chosen to use art to speak about the stigma that surrounds psychological disorders.

Kristin Brice was also a jury member of Baltic Herring Short Film Competition / Blue Sea Film Festival.

Kristin Brice, also known as Equinya online- is a varied artist who uses mixed media, traditional and digital to create images both representational and abstract alike. She graduated with a BFA in Painting from the University of Texas El Paso in 2014. The goal of her artwork is to engage the viewer with an image lures them in, disarms them and gives them the opportunity to contemplate the experiences of another person.
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