Terhi Forssén and Harri István Mäki, 2020

Terhi Forssén and Harri István Mäki (FI)

Residency November–December


Harri István Mäki's illustration for a mystery called Asteroid Bed by Isosäkylä School's 4th graders, Jesse Lahtinen and Niila Tupala.

Terhi Forssén and Harri István Mäki are writing a new play called Mikä Päivä! (What a Day!). The play is about a very failed summerday. The characters in the play would have every reason to relax, but no one seems to understand what it means to be on a holiday.

Before, Forssén and Mäki have co-written two monologue plays, performed in New York by a local actor and directed by Mäki in 2019 (Salon de New York).

In addition to the play, Mäki and Forssén work on their own projects: Forssén is writing her first collection of poetry and a lyrical essay, and Mäki is working on two children's books, in addition of putting together his first illustration exhibition.

During their residency period, Mäki and Forssén have also organized a creative writing workshop for Isosäkylä school's fourth-graders, using Zoom connection. The exercises in their workshop were based on a Taike-funded Sanaleikki (Word Play) learning material, they are currently working on, part of a team.


Terhi Forssén received M.A. in Finnish literature at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. She lives in Jyväskylä, where she’s currently editing her first collection of poetry, one of the finalists in a Finnish poetry book script competition 2019. Her poetry has been published by the Finnish poetry magazine OI Runozine and Yle Text-TV. Poems from her collection will be published in the next issue of the Finnish poetry magazine Tuli & Savu. She has also held street photography exhibitions.

Harri István Mäki (writer, playwright, director, illustrator) lives in Ylöjärvi, Finland. He studied directing at the Finnish Theater Academy and dramaturgy and social sciences at the University of Tampere. He is a writer of over 50 plays and has enjoyed directing a variety of productions for the last 30 years. Mäki has written and/or illustrated over 80 children’s books and YA.

Contact information: terhi.j.forssen (at) gmail.com / harri.istvan.maki (at) gmail.com

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