Luca Hillen. A Journey into Senses, 2019

Luca Hillen (b. 1983 DE) Eyes and Mouth Wide Shut – A Journey into Senses.

In collaboration with Pyynpää School 4C pupils and students of Teacher Education, UniTurku / Rauma.

Location Kauppakatu 8, Rauma.

Starting at 13.00, 15.00 and 17.00,
duration 30-45 min.

NVC Nonviolent Communication courses 21.12.2018–28.2.2019, Tammela.

Residency October 2018 –February 2019.




Luca Hillen is working on performances, films, theater and art journalism. During the winter at the residency, he has also taught how to use the method of NVC Nonviolent Communication with different groups.

Whithin his work, Hillen focuses on the common phenomena that surround people daily being experienced with different senses. Being eager highlighting details which are easily overseen in everyday life; like dust in the air or light-rays. Hillen enjoys creating spaces in which the audience can freely discover their surroundings: comparable to a garden where one can lay or sit down, enjoying the moment.

The artist invites us to a guided tour; there, he focusses on a one-pointedness which may lead the audience-member to reach a certain state of mind; allowing one to get rid of the world’s turmoil consisting of the common over-floods of advertisements, (mostly bad) news and such. Through sensual experiences, Luca Hillen trusts to give the public an opportunity to truly notice what is happening around them and simply listen.

Many thanks to Erja Paulasaari

Hillen is teaching compassionate-communication called Nonviolent Communication, or briefly NVC, and lead Rauma's 1st group-sessions at the Old Rauma Renovation CentreTammela, the Street Mission and RaumanAalto mental health rehabilitation. NVC is a framework originally devised by Marshall Rosenberg. The approach has been used, and continues to be used, in conflict resolution with both each other and within oneself, in a situations, where it seems hard or challenging to build a connection to another person, like at a workplace.

NVC is mostly a set of principles. There are skills to learn and practice and formulate to guide you. Hillen will give some advises how to recognize one’s own riled mind and gives some stepping stones developing a compassionate mindset.

Everyone who is interested in improving communicational methods could attend. Registration is not needed to this donation-based workshop.

Luca Hillen (b. 1983) grew up in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich/ Germany. His ambitions are photography, film, theatre (acting + choreographing), writing and playing music. In his twenties Hillen started to study photo-journalism in Wales, UK, and founded an art collective called kinder buenos, which is also a publishing house for the fine art magazine PINGO. In 2008 Hillen moved to Amsterdam to study photography and fine art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. After graduating in 2011 he began to study mime at the theater-school Amsterdam (diploma June 2015). Luca Hillen has also joined the art-fair Biennale 2015 in Venice performing poems. Hillen will be graduating with a NVC teacher's degree by the end of this year 2018, which is officially allowing him to set up NVC training-groups or form classes.

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